Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino’s test session for their Rally America Championship title fight [HD]

Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino have one last race that stands between them and the 2013 Rally America Championship title: the Lake Superior Performance …

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30 Responses

  1. antox N' soekanto tka2

    I not sure if all that drift can win a really championship

  2. Donald Ludwig

    Let's see Those Duke boys pull off this speed!! Hahaha

  3. gabgagdu26

    All amateur can do this, the road is very large, and there is no thight bend

  4. Jose1800Anejo

    Good video editing , best sponsors, amazing car vendor but son, he is only a good showman drifter. He does not belong to WRC Gods. These are made by different materials.

  5. Emil Kofod

    Wow that car is so powerfull! Sad he's not good enough for WRC :/

  6. baxster oferlout

    Ciao gelsomino quanto hai speso per fartela intendo soldi in euro

  7. chris mcevoy 25

    Ken Block is the shitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Coley Pulliam

    Ken Block sucks dick take him to WRC France he would wreck in the first five minutes just like Travis Pastrana and regarding who said mad respect for WRC drivers be more specific cus the American Arena WRC is pussy shit they are wannabee forign rally racers who dont have the skill to compete with the best