Ken Block tests on gravel for 2011 Rally GB [GoPro Helmet Cam]

Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino take the Ford Fiesta RS WRC out for a test on the incredibly fast gravel roads at Walter’s arena in Wales. All helmet cam footage …

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49 Responses

  1. TheCynicalOne

    I want a SMT in my car just have no clue where i could get it done.

  2. Joseph Correa

    who the fuck is disliking this? this shits amazing!!

  3. Casey Lee

    Wales 😀 I live near here… Love playing this stage on DiRT Rally

  4. Eduardo Aguilar

    For what are the buttons that have ken block on the steering wheel

  5. TomDGolf

    Jesus Christ change gear man!!! No wonder he's buried down the order on the WRC when he competes, letting in bounce off the bloody limiter out of every corner. He's driving the stage like he's doing one of his stunt videos!

  6. alex alexopoulos

    My eye were like this 0_0 in the whole video…god is protecting him

  7. DanSVT03

    Probably some guy who shit himself just by watching the video.

  8. dmn257

    looks like kamikaze mission to me 😀
    but i totally would love to sit next to him while driving

  9. beefcake3131

    Fuck off. Its bad ass video regardless of what you think his abilities are. I can guarantee that you couldn't out drive him so shut the fuck up. Maybe he isn't the best hes still a damn good driver.

  10. L Moore

    here fanboy get over yourself block is shite at rallying hes an show man and nothing else

  11. beefcake3131

    That idea is funny. Its like saying "I can't do what you do, but let me tell you how to do it."

  12. beefcake3131

    He said "block is shite" to be exact. I don't really care, its not like it hurts my feelings, I just find it funny when people talk shit on the skills of others that they could never come close to matching.

  13. L Moore

    i never said that . i am saying it is foolish to have a showman backed in the wrc the is shite.hes only food at drifting

  14. beefcake3131

    Oh, so you are better than Block I guess? If not shut your mouth you keyboard warrior.

  15. L Moore

    someone who is way better than block, block is shite , try a helmet cam on loeb and see how that goes it will be much better

  16. Hamza Oukkad

    everytime i watch this, i search for the map down left.

  17. Tino van der Woude

    this is nothing compared to my grandfather and hes fiesta… 😀

  18. Raidmaxgaming1

    i would kill to have that car ken block ur one lucky cunt

  19. HighGear Builds

    he needs a faster car to keep up with his driving skills!