King of Motos Race – 2012 U.S.A. Enduro Extreme, Motocross

Race King of the Motos – 2012, Johnson Valley CA, U.S.A. – A group of invitational racers came across the Johnson Valley OHV terrain before funneling into …

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28 Responses

  1. john grauberger

    Fuck this shit. I'll stay in camp and drink beer!

  2. mistermodified1

    I don't think it should be legal to own rights to a sound, F copyright laws

  3. brad sanders

    The video quality is great……….till the race starts,then it looks like its underwater.
    Cool race though.

  4. 22motoswag22

    i go here every year to watch and really want to try it

  5. 22motoswag22

    they use 2 strokes because they are light reliable great powerband and easy to control and ect.they are just they greatest thing for enduro

  6. Dirt Star

    i ride an xr650r but its just too big.for this race id ride a bored out IT200. with 3 gallons of gas mine weighs 209lbs. and its a six speed, it does 80.

  7. Sam Meyers

    i really want to try this! I just don't understand why they are using 2 strokes?! A 4 stroke would better suit mountain terrain like this. I used to ride my 86' XL 600 in the mountains and go over rocks like this fairly easy (not without busting some suspension component) lol!

  8. Thomas Grady

    Great Video! For those who think its easy, come out and try it!!

  9. The2006200

    sick vid! did you see destry struggling in those rocks!

  10. Simon Mühlböck

    whats so epic about it?
    YOu dont even see how he fixes it ;)

  11. Raffaele Capineri Tosetti

    Questi provengono da un altro pianeta !

  12. spazmoso

    is this the race where jimmy lewis planned the course?

  13. metaldwnunda

    good stuff, hard core riding , and hard landing if u can off