L-Cross Extreme MX Park

https://www.facebook.com/pages/HDBroadcastercom/496782637037562 Video with http://www.DroneFlyCam.com L-Cross Extreme MX Park http://l-cross.com …

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19 Responses

  1. aldoskyz8

    Great chick with an injuried boyfriend?? lol..

  2. Aeimos

    Holy shit are those some nice tits! She's nice and trim which means they're not just big and saggy but nice and firm.

  3. Wolf Stokes

    can anybody tell me which drone copter he is using, i understand hes using a go pro with it, but what copter, 

  4. Shawn P

    Where is this, Can you give me a address ?? For gps

  5. Rizky Six

    I wonder if Dronecams will pick up UFO type footage in the near future.

  6. TheTron56

    I know why you watched this video, and you should be ashamed of yourself…….

  7. Leonardo Kart cross

    0:33  uaauu … hehehe 
    esses videos são show … parabéns

  8. jaymeez

    She got it join on! If that was my girl, we would never leave the house! lol