Lamborghini Huracan Vs Ferrari 458 Italia Drag Race – DRAGINFO

Lamborghini Huracan Vs Ferrari 458 Italia Drag Race Video! This was filmed at the Drag Day in Hoskovice in Czech Republic. Which one do you prefer: …

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41 Responses

  1. Fighting For Freedom

    ferrari driver was sucked dick. ferrari would smoke that shit lamebo

  2. Rous Garza

    pues que andas haciendo un laborghini le gana a un Ferrari legos

  3. Jr Varela

    Vehicle Vaginal LIER GPS is not confusing ,He didnt turn on the Heater FUCK PETER My Beautiful Huracan My honest.

  4. british people yellow teeth

    the hurracan is meant to race with 488
    next time race f12 vs gallardo just to see the faces of lambo fans crying like pussies

  5. biffson jr

    Lamborghini has always been the runner up after ferrari, thats why they need to wait 5 years to make a better car so lets hand it to them, for a while.

  6. Victor I. Alexander

    a v8 vs v10?
    how about a laferrari vs centenario … that would be drag race of century!

  7. Thunderknuckles

    whtich one is the hell is ferrie or lamborghinie

  8. Shaira Linog

    welli still love ferrari well ferrari lost because the ferrari needs 15 seconds to get its top speed but lambhorghini is a gas waster cuz its speeed so its using more gus it would last fore like a few hours like a cheetah that runs out of energy so quickly

  9. Daniel Vaškeba

    Sorry i let you down with Ferrari, but it was my mistake at start. The footage was taken in Mnichovo Hradiště in Czech Republic. 1/4 mile. My best time with Ferrari 11:20, Huracán 10:69

  10. Maritza Tubon


  11. RealWorld Films

    The driver in the 458 must have been half asleep

  12. Riccardo Aprili

    V8 vs V10 and 570 Hp vs 610 Hp, use 458 speciale please and let see

  13. Bruzabe

    ferrari is the best

    but ferrari lost because that ferrari it was made on 2009 and the lamo 2014

  14. Gurinder Singh

    Ferrari nd Lamborghini spent millions of dollars so these things can go round corners fast , people still use them to go in straight line lol

  15. Said Al Rashdi

    This is how drag racing should be filmed, thank you..

  16. Leon Henry

    Ferrari driver must have been asleep, but that Lambo was like a bat out of hell.

  17. Md Alamin

    the driver was as good as me… as a result  !!!!  fools

  18. Alejandro Lara

    Y eso que siesta bien "reñida"  no es como cuando ponen a un Aventador con un 458 o a un 599 con un LP570……esta si esta chida !!!

  19. Azeem Harris

    my god the car with the blow offs would kill those 2

  20. olympusak

    Jedno video je moje, to je jedno ale je to 458 spider a ne Italia