If you want high speed races visit my channel where I race a bunch of cool cars! Yes I know it’s not an Aventador. It looked like one when I was looking at it from …

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44 Responses

  1. Mrs Razzaq

    Wow thats a aventador, nice

    Lololololololo its a huracan

  2. Luke Urry

    This looks like the Provo ish area? I'm not 100% sure haha. Let me know if I am wrong
    edit: I read the description so I am close at least! Haha


    Oh look I got the $200k lambo and it's trashed by a $10k bike 😁😁😁

  4. Lance McCune

    So awesome. Passed a couple pickups there at the end.

  5. Gold bux

    Rain rain go away come again another day lamboghini wants to race

  6. Varun Verma

    Hey muscle biker I want to sit on back seat of ur bike

  7. Quantus

    This is the best intro i have ever seen in my life :DDDDDD

  8. NooBs View

    This is my dream bike. I have a toy version but it’s a zx6r and it says it’s a zx10r and I’m like that’s impossible I had this wen I was seven and the zx10r wasn’t even a thing

  9. BlueDune

    Everyone read desc before typing "Thats not and aventador"

  10. C2DRiZzle

    All it does is change it from rocket league to that what does it do

  11. AMN O-Jay

    I raced a Lambo in ATL one time and he dusted me lol. I had a 01 GSXR 750.

  12. Restoration 1

    one wheel turn and a sharp fence post is threw your chest or worst

    even worst your body in a car grill…

  13. Chandler Van Beuge

    Holly shit this is in Utah! I would love to ride with you some time!

  14. Andrew Neighbors

    3 million views, 121,000 subs… WHY?!? You deserve better man.