Lamborghinis, Focus RS Drifting, FZ09 Race!

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38 Responses

  1. Radix

    Damn…. Fast fuck on the bike… Is it me or did you bike wobble for a sec at 4:11… Great video!

  2. TheHappysem

    that's a fucking awesome time right there. I don't even know how you can top this… so jelly

  3. Gangster Hamster

    wtf I just watched a video on why mustangs always crash lol

  4. Kosmoto

    Seems like every time the RS pulls a drift, a red light comes on on the unit next to the rear view mirror. Oh Shit meter?

  5. iAmWIRide

    Man you're living the dream right now. Time to settle in at the compound for a year or so haha.

  6. The Kleb

    I'm having trouble taking this seriously every time you say his name

  7. im right your wrong

    videos have been awesome lately berad. keep it up

  8. mannybianco

    Having your own fucking racetrack.. oh my fuck. Dream come true.

  9. Gregory Mallory

    We have a Focus RS in the showroom where I work. The sticker price is around 42k but the dealership is asking like 10k over sticker. I love that car. I still have my 2000 zx3 with 225 k on it.

  10. David Appleton

    Oh my god please come back big advertising. If i see the Trading 212 add again.
    Love it when you were screaming like a girl in the focus haha.

  11. Gurren Ridin'

    I went out there a couple years back and took a Lotus Evora and Lambo LP560-4 around their track. In fact Jimmy was the guy directing me around in the Lambo. He definitely knows his shit! I need to edit and post the video on my channel at some point.

  12. Erik Carlson

    You can't rip the e-brake on a Porsche Cayman it's got an electric parking break lol

  13. NZ SuperTard

    Meh Lambo, Audi gimme that Focus any day, legit hooligan car

  14. Durrie Dazza

    brad does you clutch disengage instantly? or all the way at the end of letting it out

  15. Muhammad Zaid

    This dude is literally living the life, envy him loads.

  16. DirexDirt

    Send me free stuff and I'll upload a video, maybe

  17. Liturn Semegusta

    why you no try race bikes?😂 i would like to see you on one