Launch Control: Subaru Rally Team USA tackles Sno*Drift Rally (Part 1) – Episode 2

Launch Control – Episode 2: Blank Sheet (Part 1) Watch all episodes of Launch Control here: In episode 2 of Launch Control,…

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25 Responses

  1. Tryaz EVE

    Why do Americans always need stuff explaining to them in THIS voice with accompanying dramatic music. It's so funny 😂, idiots! 😂

  2. Timonz4ksu

    how do i become part of the subaru rally team!? I dont even want to be a driver just working on such amazing cars would be a dream come true! I am 18, tell me what I need to do to get to that place in my life!

  3. Joe Blow

    I will race for Subarun. I have have no No Fear Ken watch out 😛

  4. Vinícius Ortega Calvo

    2017 tday, but some like oil eat and mariha brazil kkkk

  5. Katelyn Hood

    Lol that guy getting a compressor housing signed at 1:50. That's a good idea.

  6. SavagePatchCentral

    I'd race for Subaru any day. I'd love to get to drive rally

  7. The Red Sphinx

    No used of studded tyres? WTF? Is this amateur night or what?

  8. Evinc Gokkaya

    This video shows how reliable Subaru…….
    Now never believe Honda or Toyota reliability……

  9. David Guire

    would love to race in rally america again as a private entry like i did in 2011 in my 1991 ford ranger 2wd with the 2.3l coswtorth rally spec engine

  10. Josh Firicano

    Those light pods are incredible! Anyone know where I can purchase those? Would love to put them on my Wrex