Lila Kalis

4 year old drifting sensation… Lot of skill for this 4 year old.

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  1. Miha Roposa

    At age 20 she's gonna have an expensive lamborghini and gonna go 200mph+ with her confidence and crash. I'm calling it

  2. Haydengaming

    mastered handbrake check mastered brake no check also its way different for the real deal yeah good luck trying to control those horsepower's and not burning the tires

  3. Jessica Huber

    how do you get that car?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? mph rc car vs her my car is faster

  4. Morne Du Plessis

    I a prefesinel racer and a drifter but I dont vlog but I will beat her

  5. Donovan Bryant

    oh man i miss my old power wheels but now i am building one into a gas powered one


    love you guyseeeeeeee. I want to be racer tooo


    I started off in my power wheels with 3 batteries. I remember my dad bringing home a Barbie corvette c4 and hanging it from hooks and spraying everything black lol from 2to5 and drove it every day intill i was 6 my dad got me a 100cc Jr kart then when I was 8 i got a 80cc shifter kart on a 125cc chassis then raced 125cc karts till I was 18 and been drifting and street racing since. she's gonna grow up the same she looks where she wants to go not where the car is headed witch would confuse any other kid. when she pulled the hand brake and did that j turn she didn't just look straight she turned her head to the direction of where she wanted to go and the body automatically follow with turning and gas. that's racing 101 regardless if her dad told her or not I look for to seeing her in the car world.

  8. xsbgtr

    If I ever have a daughter, I´m sure she´ll be a little like her(or maybe a lot)

  9. Lisneris Martinez

    ami tanbien me ban conprar un carro corvette para niños

  10. TheNamelessfaces18

    hey man out here in Chicago we have a whole club of kids that are into this. check us out on fb. team Hoon buggy! would love to get them together and let em rip. possibly grid life.

  11. wayne conover

    i did this in need for speed a while ago, at 200mph too with the cops on my ass

  12. Coo45

    Disgusting spoiled brat!!! I hope she'll get knocked down by a truck passing by.

  13. mundo da arte 2017

    alguém de Brasil vendo isso e os outros americanos estão tentando ler isso

  14. Alexander Sherman

    here in my garage, just bought this New Lamborghini

  15. RacingCart - RC Playz

    Damn, when I did this there was no one to film it. Best of luck for this girl though she has potential to become a racing driver 🏁!

  16. Airingtonjesse

    that is so cool looks like all you need is more angle of turn