As some of you may know, Candice was involved in a car accident. The car was crashed when I allowed another driver to borrow my car while I was reviewing …

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36 Responses

  1. I Climb Everything

    Yay. VLOGs. You only have views because you tasteless expensive cars.

  2. Owen Webster

    Why would you do a rwf conversion on a Gtr when you could have bought a lambo or 370 nismo

  3. Christisn Nelson

    Am I the only one that wonders what all these guys do for a living?

  4. HaloFan

    Kids with all this damn money an can buy supercars what the fuck

  5. Nathan Jewstein

    The cars are all sweet, just not when they are accompanied by their historically douchey owners.

  6. Richard Darlington

    Aw, geez. More spoon fed fairy boys! I'm outta here!

  7. Jonathan Sawyer

    where's the hellcat that can pillage a majority of your buttholes.and that's a proven fact

  8. Mike Els

    Is it just me or did the e60 m5 sound amazing in the beginning😫

  9. Kameron Webster

    What kind of job does he have to have all these cars

  10. patrick osborne

    i just got to this channel and WHAT is happening

  11. เด็กดี มีสุข

    this lemo need 1000 hp at front and dual motor from tesla p90d at rear.


    at 1:08 I said FUCK THIS BITCH ASS PUSSY SHIT, take note stupid fuck. first learn to burn out in your shit before your shoot a video. Holy shit really . fuckn hilarious , my mom drive a fuckn GTR that chick put on new skins sometimes 3 times a month , straight asphalt assassin.

  13. teet vs street

    ohhh wow nice you a rich guy ooh you will get all the girls .omg ooh wow ooh l like u ooh ….👏

  14. Scott Sherman

    Would somebody please give me some details as to how his Lamborghini was crashed?


    Wrong fuel for the Aventador and a snapped piece from a Carbon front splitter. Ouch.

  16. Matt Strickland

    Where in New Jersey is this? I live in south and I wanna go there for photos


    RWD conversion so can he switch from AWD to RWD or is it locked in rear

  18. Rudedude 45

    For those wondering where tf is candice…read the description…. 🙁

  19. john bonora

    Why the fuck would anyone do a RWD conversion on a GT-R, what a stupid idea.