Little Girl on Big Bike – Rally 2

Tour Taiwan with me: Private Channel: My Facebook: MY …

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34 Responses


    Good stuff man. Good to see you're still putting out vlogs. Glad the recovery is going well.

  2. Vanilaice

    fuck, l like your videos, u have facebook? i used to live in chung Li during my graduate time, its a relaxing city with a lot of porn stuff, you know. do you know? anyway,
    wait, are you still in taiwan?

  3. OzHonda Motovlogs

    Rebecca is a pretty awesome chick. I wouldn't care if she occasionally smokes, it isn't like she smokes ALL the time. 👌

  4. Luka Mavra

    could you make a video about the motorcycle license laws/regulations in taiwan. Im just curious since in the uk we have a staged lisence system

  5. knight Owl

    I'm horny, desperate and pathetic! I may take up your offer but I will hate myself in the morning.

  6. Anthony Ray

    3,800 views and under 200 likes? RUDE PEOPLE RUDE!

  7. iro

    Shout out to Rebecca, though I wouldn't kiss ya ✌🏼️😂

  8. Pat Youells

    "If you ever sleep with me, and you should because I'm good at sex"
    I think you just figured out what goes on your next T-Shirt

  9. RhodesKnight

    Glad to see the old M13 back in action.. been following you since you stuffed a small digital camera in your helmet and did those how to ride videos 9 friggin years ago and started all this..

  10. Dylan Burks

    Can you rent yellow and red plated bikes in Taiwan? I've haven't came across anything bigger than 150cc in the rental shops here in taichung

  11. Nkryptchon 01

    Hey M, Clearing a wooded lot yesterday, in Daytona Beach Florida, (ya, I moved from S. Florida) I found a large Fireant's nest, got bit by 3 scouts on the left foot. thought I'd say because I know just how much you like Fireants. took the leaf blower and hurricaned those MF's til the top of the nest was gone
    the bites will get red look like an oversize pimple itch like crazy for a day and be healed by Monday or Tuesday. real Floridians have been bit so many times we develop a immunity, is the best description I can think of @ 3 o'clock in the fkn morning because i need coffee !
    6 white powdered donuts just arent doing it.

  12. Duc Boy

    talks about taking it easy and immediately guns it……LOL

  13. More Bad Ideas

    just shove something else in her mouth. that will get her to quit smoking lol

  14. Spigot 955i

    Those Eddie Lawsons are a little on the heavy side compared to yours, so no surprise that you'd out accelerate it, nice bike though. Weird shoutout, but gave me a laugh.

  15. Robert Torres

    I would do a chick who smokes, but I would never look into a long relationship and I'd use protection no matter what

  16. Jake Scar

    the ending was funny and miss this kind of video not many people do it anymore its all fast paced and crazy


    Lol deep voices "MY NAME IS BUCK AND I'M HERE TO FUCK"

  18. quigonjay9

    Why do some have yellow plates and some have red?

  19. Devon Ring

    these are the kind of videos we have been missing!!!

  20. why guy

    yeah When ever you live stream things I notice your voice sounds deeper

  21. Henrik Yngvesson

    Haha, you sound very happy and excited and I actually thought about it before you said it.

  22. BoloYung

    Lesbian, gay and bisexual are not genders, they're just mental illnesses.

  23. TemplarAce

    Haha, your voice is Barry Manilow deep! Sing Mandy for us @M13!

  24. tolga1cool

    man i haven't been watching your Videos in Ages. i have been thinking about the Crash video of your and if you still do Videos, looked it up and poof.. new video

    you're awesome Dude keep it up