LIVE #MotoGP eSport Grand Final!

LIVE – Watch the 16 finalists battle it out for the ultimate prize as we crown the first ever MotoGP eSport Champion!

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15 Responses

  1. claudio calise

    Almeno lui non ha usato le pedate, io gli farei il test antidoping mi sembra strano che un italiano vinca in modo pulito o senza imbrogliare. Rigore per la juve

  2. C Shark3

    It was nice watching the best race of virtual motogp. seeing five italian in this challenge Made me happy and it has increased my passion.

  3. MotoGP Digital Racing Sport

    best race videos ever, you can feel the tension, if there is an accident any body is injured or die, so, this is great

  4. Wiggysan Wiggysan

    This was good fun. Looks a great game to play. Brilliant graphics.

  5. Kasut Hitam

    Moto gp finalis Games M Y and 1 world view video live nie so jangan lupa SUBSCRIBED CHANNEL "Kasut Hitam" okey ?? Banyak lagi games2 yang menarik kami akan updates new videos moto gp games sports lagi okey ?😊