Painted the wheels and put the bumper on and it looks sooooo awesome I’m so stoked on this car! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

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24 Responses

  1. Patrick Weed

    is the m50 stock engine of the 328i's powerful enough to drifting?i mean, drift for fun, not for contents or anything

  2. Park Justin

    u fucking stonebag, use a fucking wire brush to sand ur wheel and than sand it with fine grit

  3. Brent Johnson

    You do realize you dont need to go that ridiculous with the sanding. Just scotchbrite till everyrhing is dull…

  4. Gonzalo

    Man you kept your cool when that hood came up, and your girlfriend did too

  5. Peter Scott

    Go White water tubing down the Farmington River in New Hartford. Hey, another option!

  6. 1xXDrifterzXx1

    Why does Devin look exactly like Gordon Hayward

  7. DG Filmz

    Aww thats cute you got matching wheels with your boyfriend

  8. justanotherblankchannelman

    So when are we lighting the trump flag on fire with the roadsters 2 step???

  9. john does

    You girl got a giant jimmyOakes cock on her arm!!!… 😂

  10. Ross Mx5

    Also goddamn the 357i is gonna be the sickest car at the event

  11. KustomGraphics206

    Should have used white plasti dip you dip lol Looks clean though I like the white n blue

  12. XSDUP rwd

    Wow Chris your workmanship is always so consistent.

    I will let you draw your own conclusions from that comment. As always no one really cares because the videos are always entertaining!

  13. kevin ramos

    Props!! All your builts are legit!! No more jb weld haha