Lucas Oil Pro Motocross 2016 Muddy Creek Tennessee 450 Moto 1

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22 Responses

  1. Daniel Wegner

    How does the guy coming in last place do lap times of 6 minutes!! I should take that guys place

  2. MtlDeath

    Love these Videos.. thanks for takin the time to do it

  3. Ethan Douglas

    thanks so much for uploading this video in great quality and full screen definitely the best uploader for these types of videos and keep em coming thx

  4. fetB

    Great Race – That's what we wanted to see. And thx for the quick upload

  5. alnsr

    Thx for the HD uploads … Roczen on fire but we need new competitor to be more exciting

  6. mongo mongo

    !!!!BE CAREFUL SPOILER !!!i hate how the moderation guys talkes about roczen, tomac here tomac there tomac the hero the king, when they start talking about roczen''yea he has luck with the lap traffic to open the gate to tomac'', roczen is faster thats why he opens the gap, tomac is fast to but roczen was faster in this race thats why he won and not tomac. Roczen du bist der beste!!!!! and a big big thanks for the upload!!