Ludicrous Tesla takes down multiple Hellcat Challengers Drag Racing!

Save a $1000 off a Tesla and get free supercharging using Lucky enough for us we found a cool guy in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at …

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  1. Antreas zeusson

    707 cat power….hellcat will win a race until now or it will keep the good loosing record!

  2. debendra gurung

    He does too much drag race with the TESLA, his battery isn't going to last long.

  3. spiddyman007

    It's electric. Has better torque. What do you expect for a drag race. Now go for a mile and that's a different story.

  4. W W

    Those Teslas are crazy quick, but the hellcat driver completely sleeping at the light didn't help.

  5. Stevie

    I would assume on a video by Tesla Racing Channel that a Tesla will always be shown taking down everything. Doubt if a video would be uploaded on this channel of a Tesla losing.

  6. XxzombiekillerxX mlg pro

    People kept wanting to race my vette on the street I don't like racing my vette I'm saving it for my kid when he gets out of the military, so I built a twin turbo 1975 chevy pickup and they look even dumber when they get beat in my primer ed plain pickup lol

  7. Super Man

    Tesla Racing Channel do you have any videos of this car at the 1/2 mile drags? Would like to see what it does against one of these Hellcats on the 1/2 mile track.

  8. Ethan Hood

    Hey man I love what you do I can tell you appreciate and are passionate about cars and this video giving the ride along to the hellcat owner and his sons was awesome, you can hear how hyped the kids are👌🏼 keep up the great work dude🤘🏼

  9. Marcus Jordan

    How much skill is there in racing the tesla ??? The computer does all the work for you!! My grandmother could beat a hell cat in a tesla!! Don't give this dude any props for driving that electric Hellcat killer the computer does all the work

  10. sting0072007

    You're comparing two different technologies and only comparing them in the most favorable conditions for the electric one

  11. LMleet06

    You jumped the light during the first race @ 1:14 while slowing down the video you notice the car launches right as the 4 yellow lights turn on. Be careful next time whenever you jump it can cause A LOT of drama.

  12. slikdarelic

    If gas is still ruling the streets 15yrs from now.. I have a feelin that lil kid will buy an electric car 1st chance he hets when he's grown.. lol..

  13. TrevorDeanM

    V-12 sounds like a rock concert in your chest
    Tesla sounds like a carpet cleaner next door.

  14. Jeremiah Greenawalt

    until u can drive cross country faster than a gas engine in an electric car, and until the charge times are under 10 minutes electric cars WILL NOT take over, why the hell would i want to drive so many miles than have to charge for an hour or more, when i can drive longer and gas up in under 5 to 10 minutes and be on my way, until the technology makes it better and more economical than gas, it its going to take over, OH and how about the enviromental issues discarding those extremely dangerous batteries are, yea u can take shit about gas exhaust and emissions all u want, those batteries themselves are even worse


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