Ludicrous Tesla Takes Down Muscle Cars One After Another Competition Drag Racing!

Piedmont Dragway and the 7.49 Dial in race bring you a great video racing in the Electric Ludicrous Tesla Model S P85D Model taking down some muscle cars “race cars” one after another. Been…

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41 Responses

  1. Machine Shop Inc.

    Meanwhile the muscle cars are still racing while u charge up.

  2. Vomitus Maelstrom

    I love watching people get the red ass when you beat them.
    I do, by the way, drive an EV. Chevy Bolt.

  3. Craig Shore

    Are you at Piedmont Dragway in NC?  I'd love to come out and watch.

  4. Dumbazz Stunts

    You can’t take any pride in a Tesla becuase it’s store bought you didn’t build it or any thing real racers take pride in their cars becuase they built it up not people in n a factory who built it up

  5. Karma

    @ 8.21 you can see both cars jump!!!! Not just the Tesla!!! Bump this if you AGREE

  6. Bo McGillacutty

    Seems some of these rednecks are getting a little respect for the "Battery Car", errr…"Tessler", now it's a 'Tesla all electric'!

  7. Jedadiah Tucker

    hows the car doing mechanically? is it holding up well?

  8. E Cannon

    Killing the tree man. Does weather or temp have any effect on you r e.t.'s?

  9. Joe Hearn

    Does your insurance company know that your drag racing with your daily drive?

  10. Mark Hammons

    You want feed back well here ya go. I love the thought of electric cars that have the output of drag cars what i would love even more is to see a body style of maybe a classic muscle car with the tesla drive train.just a thought.

  11. rompn4x

    Tesla: champ to a point… Until someone mods them to run 7's in the 1/4 lol

  12. Katnisse

    It's hilarious hearing the other cars engines going fucking crazy while the tesla is just like la la la la la

  13. MrTaylorTexas

    You beat someone's homebuilt hotrod with a car costing at least 20 thousand dollars more than the others? Big deal.


    👀 with standard low profile tires 😯 your pulling 7's…Imagine modified rear with sticky baloon tires.You would kill them 🙊 ask any pro driver.He will tell you tires win races .

  15. Doug Quan

    Let me race that Telsa against my Super Bike and I'll light up that battery money sled like PGE. Telsa is a geeks wet dream…

  16. Gregory Pappas

    Hey look at me race my $110000+ electric car, that my dad bought for me/let's me use, it requires no skill to drive or launch, all the computer nannies do that for me, Oh and I usually only do races I know I can win like 1/8 mile races where my instant electric torque at zero rpms and awd from duel motors really shine… How compelling and fun…

  17. TPV Productions

    Too bad that thing is so expensive you could gut it out and run faster. And how are you adjusting for a slower ET in the bracket?

  18. James Davis

    Ohhhh, thay are running 1/8 mile,,,, I thought they were doing 1/4 at first.

  19. Antonio Campos

    I always wondered what the times would be on a stripped out P90D or even a P100D.

  20. Alex D.

    Channel says tesla, but accent says coal rolling. LOL
    Don't jump on me now, it's just stereotypical humor. xD

  21. TheRathOfRyan

    You're vids are great pretty amazing what that car can do! Keep it up!

  22. Александр Гуров

    Cool video ,I was glued all the way through…

  23. IDHPI

    How can you keep the pace all day ? Do you recharge over there between runs ?

  24. YZFoFittie

    That purple Camaro was peddling trying to pace you so he wouldn't break out! LOL

  25. KiloSimeon

    anyone else notice some of the cars he was racing are sand bagging? the purple Camaro is a perfect example. go back and look yourself. watch the car and his shift light, dead giveaway