Lykan HYPERSPORT vs Lamborghini Veneno Drag Race | Forza 6

W Motors LYKAN HYPERSPORT vs Lamborghini VENENO Drag Race in Forza Motorsport 6. See who wins the one mile drag race! Stay tune for the next …

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28 Responses

  1. Roo H

    Get a clue idiot, the Lykan Hypersport is a JOKE, do you notice that they let NO ONE test drive it, NO ONE gets to even start the car. It's junk. I can wrap fiberglass around chickenwire too and call it a supercar, and if I don't let anyone test it, who's to say otherwise LMAO

  2. Cj Daque

    Lmao everyone saying 'duhh its an animation.. Fake..kys fuck your video' XD

  3. Seto Kousuke

    If the Veneno is 2nd most expensive, then what is first?

  4. BLaZe Crimson

    Admit it, we all like the veneno better but also knew that the lykan was going to win

  5. Urban Chaos 2.0

    People are watching fucking videogames. Is this some kind of fucking joke?! Jesus! What the fuck is this shit?!

  6. Benjamin Traynor

    Yea I just had a quick scroll down my videos that I watch and I saw this and I could not see the | Forza 6 but I still liked it. Oh and you said veneno wrong its ven-en-oh

  7. razgriz301

    Nice clickbait title. Couldn't tell that it was in Forza 6 from Google. Disliked.


    son of a bitch it's an animation.
    why you are alive even. go and kill yourself and do good to mankind

  9. Harjas Sohal



  10. PeyPey Planet

    I think it is hard to see the difference in speed with the cinematic camera angles

  11. Fluffy Hunter

    Hey ericship I like your vids mate but I want you to expand on what you do like do a few online races and builds but keep doing what you're doing as well

  12. -KL- DanCer

    It's pretty unfair that the Veneo is pretty old and vs a 2016-17 car

  13. AMA

    Would take any of the Holy Trinity over these pieces of crap anyday. Hell I bet you could buy two or maybe even all three for the price.

  14. LyricalMajesty

    Can't get over how fucking insane the Lykan looks.

  15. Marooti Kalal

    car which sound lyk monster is just a perform lyk hulk….

  16. JDR 235

    Did he say 230???? Wtf arent they supposed to be faster than super cars?


    Hey people report this guy for false advertising