See our 50+ free enduro training vids at What happens when you put A grade trials riders on enduro bikes. We find this …

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29 Responses

  1. Harrison_jz

    Please make a video to help people learn how to stand up and ride fast

  2. Heptakill 7

    I like this video it is so so extremly ,but if you are CRAZY because is so so so danger and maybe you are sad because I am bad with you.
    I am sorry for you.

  3. John OReardon

    I'm not going to tell you again about using me in you're videos. Do you know how much it costs for all them outfit's? joking. great video and a happy new year to everyone…. Jon

  4. Arstrada 1

    I currently have a Husqvarna Fe501 and would like to lean how to do tricks like that but the big displacement and weight of the bike make it hard. I am planning of buying a second bike to learn what are some great bikes to learn on that are not crazy powerful.

  5. Crabb man

    Can somebody please explain to me what enduro dirt biking is I am inheriting a 250 Yamaha Enduro bike and I want to know if it is suited for trails

  6. danjdavid

    who's that that did the 360 about 17 seconds in to this video?. It's the first time i've ever seen a 360. Brian Deegan and all those fmx guys do a turn down back flip and call it a 360.

  7. MUSTANG115hp

    Back in the early 80`s I contemplated a trials bike but there were none around that were legal on the street. Several times since I wished I had done that. Oh well… I have my trusty XT250 and the Mighty DR650. Perhaps I should change the sprockets on my XT250 and gear it way down and practice slow speed stuff a lot more.

  8. stunt ride

    cool votre vidéo mais j'aime mieux les trials.

  9. Marc Greifzu

    A couple of days a ago I break my wrist. Trying the same as at 2:01 was enough for me LOL

  10. Anton Olsson

    Are there gear shifts on those bikes? I'm planning on buying one. Since all of my freinds have a dirt bikes, then i'll gonna have to get one to. Also i wanna know the price of it!


    Seeing these guys throw 250s around like little toy trials bikes is damn impressive. I can only wish to be even 10% as good as some of these guys one day. Love your vids, keep it up!

  12. PA SGT

    Makes you wonder, how many times they biffed it before they learned how to do that stuff. Absolutely amazing skill.