Mad Mike Drifts BADBUL Around the Franschhoek Pass | Conquer The Cape

CLICK for sick photos and the full story: ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett has drifted a car up a mountain in his native New Zealand and …

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41 Responses

  1. Liehry82

    The FD3S will always be king in my book, but you cant deny the RX-8 is pretty damn rad….

  2. Thabani T-Bowse Hadebe

    Oh man how did I miss this one till now-In my home country – Playing Home Music – One Love – Shred those tires

  3. Bs nsew

    sintetic rubber print it soil floor💨

  4. Matthew Thompson Productions

    why isnt mad mike in fast and furious

  5. ちゃんねる hiro

    \(^o^)/✨ (^_-)-☆✨

  6. Jonathan Olivos

    does anyone know what that front bumper is? Im debating whether to buy this bumper or Vertex Lang from Naoki Ishijimas Rx8

  7. Darque Matt3r

    terrible music ruins good videos. Just fyi. raw sound of the engine red lining is better than ANY sound track

  8. nightkings02

    I love the RB26DETT sound, but THIS 4 rotor almost F1 sounding Rotary got me _

  9. Brock Augusto

    is that not an rb?? i heared someone say its a quad rotor but sounds exactly like an rb.

  10. dragn man

    beginning he has the rear bumper ,why in the end he didn't has her rear bumper ? he crashed ?

  11. Muhammad Shahbaz

    i want that fuckin soundtrack!!! :3

  12. Muhammad Shahbaz

    whats the music name? lmao 😛

  13. Colin Spicer

    why would put music over the engine soundtrack. also horrible editing, why would you cut almost every drift short? the people who made this obviously don't care about cars or they would have done it differently

  14. Carl lorenzo

    No baboon is harmed during this filming .

  15. YAMAHAfreak1919

    Man the sound of the rotary is siiiiiick . Love it. keep it up

  16. Lius Enrique Cabrera Villegas

    alguien sabe el nombre de la canción ?

  17. No One

    no fucks were Givin in the filming of this

  18. vincenzo Longo

    what is the name of this music??

  19. Tye Varnes

    This video is so sick! Looking forward to more of these!

  20. Alif Al Asif

    that old man travel so long..his car doing well bravo..;)

  21. Armando Pena

    Mad Mike never disappoints!!!….that rotary sound is epic!!