Making a drift car street legal

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39 Responses

  1. kostakis1925

    Greece. I have an E36 316 converted to 328, but the papers still say 316 because of taxes! Passed the inspection, and they didnt even ask lol

  2. Jaime Romano

    I see Lithuania has got a lot of things in common with Spain regarding Car Inspections… both suck…

  3. Antonio Marin Sanchez-Guerrero

    I like the daily car ignas

  4. WoT LoveR

    What diesel engine is that? if someone knows tell me please

  5. Titas Jankavičius

    A tai kaip suprast ka jie svaigo tau apie ta dyzeli? Gi sport pasas yra nera svarbu koks tas variklis? Ar kaip cia norbe

  6. D.Phillips

    is that the same compact that you got a few years ago?? the one you guys drifted into barrels

  7. W210 Source

    Nice Videos. Good Luck 🙂 Saw silver 210 is it AMG?

  8. KilZeQs

    Gi bl duodi 50 euru kysi ir viskas 😀 man taip paejo su toyota kuri vos gyva

  9. Pēteris Vimbsons

    in Latvia you couldn't pass the inspection with those tho cars. And we have only one year valid inspection…😢😢😢

  10. Ich Du

    And I thought only german bureaucracy sucks… :/

  11. Algirdas Stočkus

    Kaip visada suknista regitra suda mala

  12. Dyga23

    Žiūriu Vilniuje regitra taip pat išsipisinėja kaip ir Kaune…

  13. Luca Car Mods

    Glad you managed to get it street legal in the end 👌

  14. Indre Blusiene


  15. Rimpak

    they didin't say a word about the straight pipe?

  16. Edvinas KENT

    To get all that documentation and inspections in the UK it would take at least half of year

  17. Ilya Krutovertsev

    Hahaha I dont know why, but I was so fucking happy for you Norbe, when you said that your car is now offcially street legal ! 😀
    Keep it up man! Love your vids <3

  18. amcordeiro97

    if only we could get cars like that road legal here in Portugal

  19. CrAzYDr1veR

    Don't be sad in Portugal you can't modify cars and many times the cops will take you car registration and make you go to special inspection if they feel like it even if your car is stock…

  20. Andrew S

    laukiam svilanciu padangu vilniaus centre video

  21. Pablo Arteaga

    Curious as to what your thoughts are on the Sparco Sprint, how is it on long drives does your back ever get sore and what is the fit?

  22. RC DRIFT Works Lithuania

    Hi do u sell that e36 compact??

  23. Thompson228

    Wow, looks like no matter what country your in or what language you speak, dealing with the Motor Vehicle Department SUCKS!!

  24. algfilms

    norbe tai as supratau kad tu nesiruosi isvazuoti i vokietija nes dyzeliukas lietuvoi registruotas?

  25. Matas Latvenas

    Toks jausmas kad dyzelis veikia kaip WWI tankas 😂

  26. Rihards Goldbergs

    "labas dienas" is the only phrase i know in lithuanian

  27. Race2day

    Whhhhaaaat? How is it possible that car with rollcage passed inspection? I thought it's impossible to drive car with rollcage in Europe…

  28. A13X_K

    tfw watching Norbefilms on your phone at home and half way through the video notification "You Have Connected To Your Network" comes up 😐