Marc Marquez becomes 2017 MotoGP™ World Champion!

Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez claimed his sixth World Championship at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo. ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: http://www…

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41 Responses

  1. Saurabh Saran

    The guy has absolutely no style, but, oh well, he is a Motogp champion 2017 , that’s all it matters I guess.

  2. Andy Schoenmakers

    Im a rossi fan, but i think marquez is a amazing guy!

  3. Enrique Valdez

    World champion with a reckless driving…. will end up death or killing someone else.

  4. Ivan Jovanovic

    Put Zarco in one of top 3 teams and he would win the title

  5. jup chenet

    Congratulations Marc but it would not have been the same if Casey Stoner would have been here – would have love to see it….real talent VS electronic 😉

  6. Peter M

    I was really upset about 2015. I still not agree with the outcome. But Marquez had the good reason to stop Rossi. Now The Doctor has ´´only´´ 9 titles and Marquez has 6. So he needs to get 3 more to equal and 4 to brake the record. He just thinnking so much ahead, it's just amazing. I hated him, because Rossi lost the title, but it took time for me to understand, how incredible Marquez is. I hope his career will last just as long as Rossi's and we will see lot more great races from him.

  7. Kirree Gilbert

    Woohoo go Marquez 93. Next year is gonna be good, but for now 4 months are much deserved rest haha

  8. Adriano Veiga

    MM93 monstro! Desde 2013 dando aula de pilotagem à concorrência!!

  9. Toto

    Truly deserved title, congratulations to Marquez!

    But Lorenzo…what a total bitch.


    alll you rossi fans better shut the hell up marquez is going to beat rossi 9 time champion record in 4 years time

  11. David Villar Gonzalez

    Grande Marc Márquez único y enorme #93 pilotazo, enhorabuena a honda hrc repsol.

  12. Matthew Panini

    Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the fact that Lorenzo was playing dirty tricks again this year, just like in 2015?

    Well done cheating Marquez to another world championship, fucking faggot.

  13. TheFujac

    he really rode hard to win this championship…..he's still the biggest douche in the paddock though

  14. Michael vW

    Well done Marc you are truly worthy of being a world champion!

  15. Peter M

    We had a boooring Doohan era, then we got the booooring Rossi era, now we facing to the booooooring Marquez era. 😀 I just kidding. I love the little lad. I hope next year Yamaha gets its stuff together and we will see real MM93-Dovi-Doctor fight trough 2018.

  16. Agh Yus

    win because in a good bike/team. watching motogp become bored.

  17. Ilham Maulana

    Still crying for 2 years?? Helloo it's have been 2 years!! And 2018 seasson is next. VR.46 is no longer competitive, just take it! (Or leave it!) It's a FACT.. 8 years for nothing! Accept that..