Mazda Rx8 street drifting | The Best Cars GR

Share and Subscribe for more! Twin red mazda rx8’s(280hp and 220whp) street drifting. Page:

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20 Responses

  1. Tasos Konto

    ta the best autokhnhta sto planhth gh..kai egw t idio exw kai eimai 24 xronon.k to exw enamish xrono

  2. Emre Setre

    Ecu tune is made by George Easytuning =) Now my car has a different map thanks to George an 97 octane mind blowing one… New videos will come heheh … The cam car is mine btw :D

  3. Αργυρης Καφιερης

    Από τα πιο ξεχωριστά και όμορφα αυτοκίνητα που σου κάνουν όλα τα χατίρια!!

  4. Vasilis Panagiwtopoulos

    με πρωτη ρε μαλακες? και μετα λενε γιατι χαλασε….