McLaren 540C vs Honda NSX vs Nissan GT-R drag race: plucky Brit takes on Japanese beasts

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47 Responses

  1. Yashveen Hurry

    That Mac doesnt really look that nice…….

  2. smasila

    Damn that GTR is like 8 years old and still kicking butt!

  3. Salatiso Mdeni

    Love the McLaren as I do the NSX.

    But as always as a value proposition the GTR is my pick of the bunch.

  4. LegendInThaMakin

    Wow, both awd cars lost from a dig? On a roll this wouldnt even be a competition, the mclaren would leave them by bus lenghts.

  5. Kboss97

    licence plate ruins the looks of the front of the cars…

  6. Darek Nowak

    OK so I'd have english breakfast rather then a sushi lunch

  7. kimoy kalinago

    if you spent the same amount of money that McLaren costs on a performance package for the GTR nothing would be able to compete ESPECIALLY in a drag race

  8. Miloš Chrenko

    What is interesting for me is how well the GT-R started, after few seconds it was clearly in the lead, see 1:12 min. NSX was way behind both the GT-R and 540C at 1:16 min. So it is highly surprising how tha Honda managed to finish before the Nissan. It sounds logical that a 4WD car with 3 electric engines would have the best start (because of full torque of electric motor) but then loose slightly in revs and higher speed. In fact the exact opposite happened and the NSX started to accelerate better at high speeds. Interesting. :-/

  9. rabc1966

    For everyday performance = GTR, for weekend toy/trackday fun = McLaren.

  10. coffeeblak86

    911 turbo S won! so fast you didn't even see it!!!

  11. Pe Peroni

    we buy these type of cars for the thrills, not for lap times and drag times, people tend to forget that…that being said, i would have the NSX among these three, it is still the one that i like the most…its the one i imagine myself driving around in, even going slow, and having fun..

  12. Samarth Gupta

    race the same cars for quarter mile or half a mile and gtr will be the winner

  13. Porsche Carrera

    Who cares about which one is faster really? I would take the 540c any time over these Japanese trashes

  14. woodrow goodwill

    good win for the McLaren. in the real world the McLaren loses every time. unless you live somewhere you can consistently hit speeds of up to 200 mph.

  15. Vahid Pournavab

    I may sound like a Honda fan boy here, but just wanted to point out a FACT here, both NSX AND GTR have very similar 0-60, which is around 3.1, but in the video they recorded 3.5 for the NSX, so that tells me either NSX didn't have as good driver or just a bad launch.

  16. rockervdrive

    How about the new 911 Turbo S vs Viper ACR… in the snow?

  17. Alex Stern

    The NSX looks so much better with an Acura badge. It's much smaller too

  18. Pilipinazz

    Of the three, nsx is the heaviest so i was not surprised of the outcome.

  19. Dario Molina

    Funny but is you actually own them the Nissan would be the more reliable one to own. The Honda is too new for data.

  20. iEatPusiLikeiHaveaDisease

    gtr fanboy here, i love gtr. i wanna warm my ** in the exhaust.

  21. Car Nut

    How does the GTR have a slower time (21.2sec) compared to the NSX (20.8sec)? After getting a better 0-30 time (1.7secGTR – 1.9secNSX) while both have the same trap speed of 158.2mph? Doesn't make sense.

  22. Soren Lausen

    McLarens are highly unreliable and due to economies of scale, their parts cost and arm and a leg once they need to be replaced. This is why Mclarens depreciate faster than the Titanic sank. Everyone always only thinks about how 0-60 times make a car the better than the other on these videos like 14 year old boys but don't consider real world conditions like reliability, cost of ownership, depreciation, build quality, daily use, and ergonomics of the vehicle. Just food for thought for you prepubescent kids posting these ignorant comments.

  23. John Valatos

    A Honda NSX Type R with no electric motors, cutting down the weight, would be great to see.

  24. 卓尧杜

    it would be more interesting if you bring Turbo s

  25. evan6629

    Dry surface race please. Somebody needs to do a true comparison of these car. It is either Adam Sandler and his round friend or some other circumstance influencing outcome.

  26. Xü Sang (florisummer)

    no comparison between old NSX and the new. The new one is designed by Americans and manufactured in US, it is an American car whereas the old one has the best from Japan

  27. TSI Sector

    you guys mixed the GTR's time and the NSX Time! you switched them!