McLaren P1 vs Modded GTR drag race!

Please note: Obviously there was some excitement because of this rare find but It wasn’t a real “race”, they both just came to a stop light and gave it a little gas.

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47 Responses

  1. cont magic

    كس ام صاحب المكلارن انا لو راكبها انيك النيسان

  2. Faiz Izlan

    i'm always confused about the design of p1, 570s, 650s. all almost the same. i need to 'study' more 😂

  3. Mathias Cardona

    The P1 now acceleration at max.. The GTR in comparation is a fuck

  4. Clickbait

    Try to subscribe to my channel and see what happens you stupid cunt!

  5. Brandon J

    yo camera car "mustang" no one cares how fast your going …you just killed the video by trying to focus the camera on your SPEED…obviously you wernt going to keep up with those cars LMFAO.

  6. W S

    Mustang drivers be like, "I can't keep up bro, slow down or I'll crash."

  7. The Cowboy

    It's funny to see the GTR owner acting like he's in the same league at the McLaren.

  8. Егор Козырицкий

    у тя фор мустанг красава у меня тож

  9. swaytie gooch

    the P1 would never risk his car on the street

  10. h80282

    GTR will never beat the mclareen no matter what the mclareen has a million HP and the wieght of the mclareen is the quarter wieght of the GTR plus the low center of gravity of mclareen is crazy in physics that will never happen if there is 3000 HP IN THE GTR IT WONT the fastest car on earth

  11. Patrick Mwakitwange

    poor little mustang is trying to keep up 😂😂😂

  12. The Pie

    I have been reading all these comments
    And I haven't seen a single comment saying how can a car
    Be modded ,I must say …I am disappointed in you all….

  13. ranvids

    At first I was thinking this game has pretty good graphics

    Then I was like wait.. which game is it… is it real? Wtf?

  14. sushi ninja

    p1 won because its got 904hp and its just a way better car

  15. Георги Веселинов


  16. PYE

    why didnt the p1 go into race mode were it puts out brake spoiler looks way cooler and faster

  17. Brian purchase

    That's not a p1 wth!!! That's a 650s get you're facts straight

  18. Gentleman Geoff

    That p1 would have destroyed the gtr if it tried XD

  19. user 2375

    lol, the gtr must of been custom or the dude in the p1 wasn't really trying to race cuz there so way a sports car would beat a hypercar


    Still kept up pretty well in street mode… Race mode? A whole different animal…

  21. Franco Scintella

    For those of you don't think the GTR is better than force you probably never draw one I had the choice between porch in the Nissan I chose the Nissan simply more car that's the answer so if you don't own and neither one of them don't judge

  22. anon ymus

    The amount of GTR haters are insane lol, get over it, GTR's are insanely fast, dont gotta hate cus its not a milion dollars and its japanese

  23. Chihuahua

    For those of you who say GTR isn't a supercar, isn't curved and beautiful then you're fucking right! It's not a beautiful toy for Princesses like ya'll. It's a road killer that made for people who's familiar with hard-core for a quarter lambo price tag. @GODZILLA