McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918 Spyder vs. Ducati 1199 Superleggera – drag race

Subscribe to the channel now: The McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder are two of the hottest hypercars on offer at the moment, but …

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31 Responses

  1. dino omar

    ilove the p1,I bought a green one with black rims 1 year ago…hade the choice between la ferrari,918 but the p1 all day long:)

  2. DjR

    my question is, how come everyone that did these drag races or simple acceleration videos always got about 2.9-3.1 seconds to 100kph when they should get 2.6 I'm confused, is it because of tyres or not fully charged batteries or what


    we now have our answer then to who would be faster in a straight line…p1

  4. Pro Pepe

    You weren't surprised were you? Of course the mclaren would take the lead

  5. Zack Klein

    Dude I didn't think the 918 spyder would lose to the P1. Someone please tell me the guy driving the spider fucked up. ): i did notice that different vehicles performed better at different speeds.

  6. odzandenz paul

    on british channels Mclaren wins any and everything it goes against.

  7. Zac Gan

    bike rider has serious balls. one small twitch of the handlebars or one error with the throttle and he's fucked

  8. MadsPinkFingas-DIY;Baking;GamingTutorials

    He rides a CBR600RR… 2005… as old as I am!!!!!! (HONDA)

  9. MadsPinkFingas-DIY;Baking;GamingTutorials


  10. MadsPinkFingas-DIY;Baking;GamingTutorials

    DAMN, ITS WINNING SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. MadsPinkFingas-DIY;Baking;GamingTutorials

    does Mr. Motorcycle win? My Dad's a motorcycle racer, I wore my race shirt to school, he came back yesterday for Burmingham, Alabama from the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, so…

  12. Vital217

    64000 for a bike??? HAHHAHAHAHA LMAO what do these italians smoke man!!??

  13. alexandre dubois

    5:48 : "about power and aero.." I would say power/weight ratio and aero, quite different.

  14. Brent Young

    Most street stock bikes are tuned to max out at around 180. The Ducati quitting at 190 was quite predictable.

  15. Aidan Gutierrez

    If the bike were to go full throttle off the start he would of smoked all of them

  16. Simon Anderson

    I remember been a lad at school and we used to see who could piss the highest up the wall , I won , there was a time I tried so hard I pissed in my mouth and up my nose. impressed the fuck out of everyone.