Men’s Enduro X Final – ESPN X Games

Taddy Blazusiak gana la medalla de oro en la final de Enduro X Masculino en los X Games Foz de Iguazú. SUBSCRIBE ▻ X Games …

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43 Responses

  1. this_ guy

    I needed a comparison from the female race….Bill burr

  2. BloodyandEnchained

    this is funny, pretty entertaining but theres basically just 2 or 3 that had a real shot at 1st place… the rest just battle for 4th or 5th and up (or down) the rest of the time.. must be depressing for the other riders to stop and let the guy who already has 1 lap ahead of you pass

  3. MotorBros

    Why does the english commentator say Blakzusiak?! Its Blazusiak

  4. jcmwholetone800

    that's pretty gnarly, watch out for that slippery dirt, the mud is no worries though

  5. David Venson

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  6. AvocaSingleTrack

    Would somebody just beat Blazusiak already … haha

  7. HotSauceFan9

    This is awesome I wish it would get more popular in America..

  8. nutfukkinjob

    its just a different style of track.. this is a very technical and challenging course because there were many more big rocks.. also the water, as you could see, made it extremely difficult to keep the bike up-right, and there were still lots of big obstacles such as logs etc..
    It may just look like an easier track because there are more jumps and its not as tight as the 2011/12 tracks were

  9. louiethepitt

    just a little bit…but don't get me wrong I respect this guys a lot, I wouldn't last a sec out there with them…but just talking about a comparison with other years I think the difficulty of the track went down a little…I guess its all in the best interest of the sport and the safety of the athletes…lets see hoe this sport continues to progress it shows a lot of potential and growth 

  10. chinesekid7000

    Please upload full coverage! 🙂
    i dont care about the women event haha just want to see more of mens "heat races" etc.

  11. myllerandres

    guauuuuuu esta super chevere,,, pero falto la presencia de los mejores del enduro GRAHAM JARVIS Y CHRIS BIRCH

  12. louiethepitt

    is it me? or they really downgraded the difficulty of the track a lot!!!!