Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race | Mat Watson Reviews

In this drag race we pit the Mercedes A45 AMG against the Honda Civic Type R in an experiment to find out which is better; hyper hatch or hot hatch? This is all …

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38 Responses

  1. Amin Haq

    a better comparison would of been if both cars were put on a circuit.

  2. jonny jones

    whots the point?  a rolling start would be better!   Not like everyone going to be drag raceing of the traffic lights"

  3. guvernator23

    Rolling start and it would be much less difference. But on the track the AMG is left for dead.

  4. wtfdididolastnight

    That AMG is something else then… That's worth 10 k imho, also looks way more expensive!

  5. Mike Price

    Pllllllllllllllllllllllllleaaaseeee review the facelift audi s3 8v

  6. Neck Peck

    the AMG is faster.. true.
    But the smile that the Civic puts on your face…

  7. shaun simpson

    I've owned both of these cars and I can tell you out on the road the performance is a lot closer that what this
    drag race shows.

  8. KoolMintBluu

    I knew the Civic was going to get crushed…and it's a fast FWD car!
    AMG All wheel drive w/ 70+ more HP is a formidable foe…my gosh
    It's quite unfair!

  9. Dezz9820

    Too make this test more realistic and real life I think the race should be a rolling start from 30mph up too 90mph, this would simulate a real world scenario much much better IMO

  10. Giroud

    type R is a track car not a drag racing car. track times on type R are really good compared to it's rivals

  11. HoagieST

    you should always compare the rolling start as well when comparing cars like this

  12. JohnnyNr5

    Hmm.. I'm considering buying that Merc. Mostly because if i happen to come across the Civic Type R in the real world, i'd like to leave it behind me before the stomach upset its horrible looks have caused, makes me vomit.

  13. Julian J

    Im sure no one wanted to see this drag race, we want the A45 vs the RS3

  14. Chrstian “Driver” mrclep

    Dacia Sandero 1,5 DCi VS 991 Porsche Turbo S!

  15. Sami Hadj

    AMG has really succeeded with this one , it's not that perfect but for a start in this category , they've done way too much compared to any other brand .

  16. Charles-David Bérubé

    10k more is easily justified.

    You get awd, a better stronger engine, a dual clutch transmission, definitely a better sounding car, more luxury, better looking(opinion).

    Personnaly it's enough for me to explain the price tag. Finally, you get a benz, not a honda.

  17. James Wilcox

    It's not much good asking "how many seconds faster" when you don't say over what distance/speed! As a general point, could you add some detail on how fast each car got to 60 and 100mph? Would be nice to know as well.

  18. Amit Prulov

    i think that the bmw m2 vs the a45 amg is much more interesting

  19. VMGaming

    Would be much more interesting doing these from a 20mph roll…..

  20. S Miller

    You put all that effort into the video, why not try a rolling start as well as a race off the line?

  21. 15october91

    I'm a huge fan boy of the M140i but most of the new 'hot hatches' are amazing!