Mercedes-AMG GT S vs Audi R8 V10 drag race: German supercars face off!

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25 Responses

  1. mohamed ali mechri

    WOW !! did not expect that !! thought the AMG GT would win this.


    This was pointless.from reading the title people can tell the winner.lighter,more powerful, and AWD

  3. Josh

    This is no surprise. R8 V10Plus is even faster than a GTR in drag race

  4. patfromozZ

    Always liked the AMG GTS but it has always annoyed me that they put same state of tune engine in as a C63 costing nearly half the price…not to mention that shortly you will be able to have the E63S AMG which is more powerful, faster and cheaper than the GTS. Why didnt they just put the full fat engine in the GTS, its the model made by AMG that should be the fastest.

  5. nabushdinosaure

    It doesn't change the fact that the AMG is faster around a track…

  6. Samuel Brooks

    CAR magazine strapped timing gear to a V10 R8 and the V10 R8 Plus. Incredibly the standard V10 did 0-60 in 2.96 seconds, faster than the V10 Plus and ½ a second faster than Audi quotes for the standard V10! It's an incredibly fast car.

  7. Gs350 F Sport

    nice video
    can you do 2 races on from 0 and another one roll
    because the AWD cars has an advantage from 0
    and most if people race from roll and maybe it will be another result
    so on this case we can see the performance on the car

  8. pradhuman rehal

    mclaren knows the black art of rear wheel drive launch control better than any other manufacturer.

  9. Steven Smith

    Should have used tied up and gagged terrorist Muslims to slow down the cars after the finish line.

  10. xxthehuskycaboosexx

    You pit a 4 wheel drive super car that has more power and less weight, to a GT car with less power and more weight, and made a video out of it?