Mercedes-Benz W123 rally car

Tracktest Mercedes-Benz W 123 rally car. TRY US FOR FREE ON AMAZON CHANNELS Click this link and find out more about our new streaming service on …

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28 Responses

  1. SquillyMon

    Thanks for the shit music and no engine sounds…. "The Rev-Happy Aspirated Engine gives an incomparable rumble" Uh… right… I think you mean Naturally Aspirated buddy

  2. Diego El Manya

    " There´s been a Mercedes rally car" Jeremy Clarkson. (Top Gear Africa special)

  3. ธีระวัฒน์ เยี่ยมแสง

    Very good car,one of this worldwide.

  4. aroncbds

    Nice, but turn off the damn music, please… I would like to hear the M110 singing!

  5. unimogman404

    HE ( tommybrownshit ) is a dickhead with no life ; he has been putting down mercedes for nearly a decade now ; lost cause , will never grow up ! 😉

  6. skatepunk1234able

    oh come, just wanted to hear the engine
    narrator finally shuts up, then music is played during the driving…

  7. Dusan Jankovic

    SALUTE! belgrade.serbia, proud owner of 200d and 230e, BEST car of ALL, EVER!


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