Mercedes SLS AMG Black vs F1 car – Drag Race Shoot-out

Can the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Edition beat Michael Schumacher’s 2012 Formula 1 car? See the next episode: See the whole series …

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27 Responses

  1. vulcanproject

    The F1 car is short shifting in at least the first 3 gears, quite clearly hear that on the video. Sounds like it is in 4th too, but as it is so far away from the road car at this point already it's harder to tell lol

    Obviously because of the limits of traction, but even so it's nowhere near a balls out launch. The surface and tyres aren't beast enough to handle the car on this particular day…..

  2. Wole Oyeyele

    Lol, that shows that F1 drivers could easily overtake safety cars.

  3. Jack Let's Plays und videos

    Why does the f1 car have low grip tires?
    With slicks (no profil tires) it wouhl had have much more grip and a better acceleration

  4. wsupchris1222444

    Seems everyone is an expert in the comment section

  5. Not The Soap

    Don't modern F1 cars do 0-60mph in like 1.6 seconds or something insane like that?

  6. Greener Grass

    You said "26.5 more seconds" witch really confused me and made me think the f1 was more than twice as fast.

  7. Zalpiconazo

    Me gustaría ver que puede hacer un mclaren p1 gtr vs el F1

  8. Artas1984

    TopGear season 2008 had Formula 1 Renault R25 tested, remember? The officially recorded acceleration was:

    0 – 62 MPH 1.9 s
    0 – 120 MPH 3.9 s
    0 – 150 MPH 6 s

    This Mecedes F1 is really slow compared to that Renault R25 F1 and should not be used as a benchmark F1 car at all!!!

  9. mnoell35

    formula one cars are blindly fast,you'd need a hyper-car to even read it's licence plate.

  10. uvuvvwe ossas

    even the koenigsegg one:1 can't beat formula 1 v8

  11. sodazman

    This F1 car is hardly the fastest one out there but put these on the drag strip for good entertainment:

    1. Venom GT
    2. 1500hp Alpha Omega GTR
    3. Koenigsegg One: 1
    4. Twin turbo Aventador
    5. 918 Spyder

  12. TheBlackte

    The Formel 1 Car was made slower, wet tyres, open DRS….

  13. Burak Kalayci

    Some stupid people still believe Formula 1 mercedes car can run 1800 meter in 20.2 seconds.telemetry is completely wrong.
    Dear Autoexpress stuff.Please correct acceleration numbers.This test is not true

  14. Burak Kalayci

    Top speed (at the end of 1800 meter ) : 194 mph (313 km/h) .Average speed : 320 km/h
    Hahahahahaah.Very comic and funny

  15. Burak Kalayci

    It is imposible that Formula 1 car runs 1800 meter in 20.2 seconds.Auto express staff dont know mathematic.
    If it runs 1800 meter in 20.2 seconds please calculate average speed with below formula

    1800/20,2 = 89 meter in 1 second : 89×3,6 = 320 km/h average speed !!!!!!!!!!!