Mexico street racing Part.9

Sunday June 8th Racing.

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32 Responses

  1. Xleyter M.

    El Nissan GTR nunca deja de impresionar que cogida les metió.

  2. LBM Turbo

    hahahha GTR is top for perfomace 😀 destroyed american cars V8 V10 😀
    japan V6 is killer 😀

  3. patrick connors

    American cars vs gtr. What did you expect ?

  4. Aron arellano

    Jajaja no se metan con un gtr animalesss

  5. bryant nuñez rodriguez

    there is no way godzilla 😀 :3

  6. Jack Hammer

    Damn they like Superchargers a lot in Mexico lol. A lot of great close races!

  7. DopeAsToast

    In Mexico, there is no spoons, we eat with our hands

  8. monsterslayer

    All the cars have New Mexico plates and they speak perfect English 🤔

  9. Slame 55

    in mexico they won't have chances of escaping from police, they use dodge chargers SRT hellcats for pursuits

  10. Adam Katavic

    Awd should win but what fun is awd mmmmmmgay

  11. Jay Yang

    Real fucken racer need to do a race video like these guys from the start to the finish not a I win emergency lights, smh!!!

  12. Jay Yang

    Gotta admit Godzilla is unbeatable, that's why Godzilla only race Super cars!!!!!!!!

  13. Aspie Otaku

    Lotsa Mustangs, I guess Mexicans love mustangs.

  14. OpCharlieBravo

    are you sure these are Mexicans, I didn't see any Nike, jesus, bull or last name decals on the cars. 😁😂

  15. ManaWriter

    Guy from the viper can't drive
    It would take him a second to switch gears


  16. OSG _

    What made them think it was okay to go against a GTR

  17. Gamer Girl Dayan Katt

    Should've put that Gtr against the White Shelby

  18. Through the Fire

    Loser has to sell oranges by the freeway!!! I kid I kid…

  19. Brandon McCray

    GTR is dominant in everything even against some super card

  20. Flakkitho

    al gtr ponganle un porsche 911 gt3 o turbo

  21. Enrique Garcia

    el nissan gtr tiene doble turbo les gana a todos