Michaela ( age 10 ) with amazing rally driver Jozef Beres jun. ( Audi S1 )

Toto video som vytvoril(-a) pomocou Editora videa YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

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45 Responses

  1. David F.

    Envidia de una niña de 10 años?? Claro que si!!!

  2. CeltHDfifa

    He's like "Yep…just another day at work. Bring on the next fortunate person".

  3. Rick te Kronnie

    Amazing rally driver who stalled the engine in the first 5 seconds of movement lol

  4. Waifu Racer 2000

    Jozef is a sexy ass dude, with a sexy ass beast, and sexy driving skills. Awesome to watch 😀


    Jozef Beres And Colin McRae are the most spectacular rally drivers to watch. they have that spark about them when rallying.

  6. Vibe Tribe

    what an absolute legend! 😀 and that audi S1 OMFG 😀 !!! still trying to get the RS2 though.

  7. Jonathan Walker

    alpha gramma- Stfu and enjoy the fucking thrills of life!!

  8. alpha gamma

    The child was not strapped in properly (harness to loose) second the driver (should know better) did not have a helmet on. If that car were to have rolled he would have been quite badly injured, second if scrutinearing had seen him without a helmet he would have been find.

  9. Perfo. Turbocharged

    najlepsi sofer akeho poznam …takyto skuseny soferi by mali byt na cestach nie pre taketo ucely ale schopnosti ! a v takom pripade havarie by boli minimalne !

  10. Paolo Ciarpaglini

    Will be also a good driver but one word or smile for the little Michaela??, comon…


    cazzo che mostro…… vai jozef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Loek Meyers

    this stuff will make you enter adulthood early and overcome all your fears.

  13. Jraybay

    She's very sweet and brave to do this 😊 . She handles it better than most too lol.

  14. IDP Film

    Holly Cow – mother of all rally cars – 10 out of 10 !

  15. E Review

    He isn't a amazing rally driver because he doesn't use HELMET!

  16. ThatOneGuy HD

    he really knows how to throw around that 575 hp monster

  17. Tory Martinez

    She has parents whom are good talent evaluators . She's a good sport

  18. carbonfighterfan96

    Does anybody know what he touches or configurates on the right hand side (where the girl sits). So there are some buttons on top of the front windows, but what are they made for?

  19. David Barres

    donde está tu puto casco!! jilipollas!!! y llevando a una niña! vaya ejemplo!!! subnormal!!

  20. Keith Green

    That girls smile shines right through her face shield, and she seems so much more calm than the women 20 years older than her that you see in these videos.

  21. Darmon007

    holka ma doživotní zazitek, taky bych chtel 😀

  22. kisscool68 meg rs

    courage michaela ,super, un bruit d enfer ,magique

  23. samuel desbiens

    Haha you can see the smile through her faceguard. I know I'd be smiling the whole time!