Mikko Viitala Drift Promo 2010. Pro Drifting with an American muscle

Promo video of Mikko Viitala, Finnish Pro Drift driver, highlights of season 2010. Car is Camaro Z28 -78, “antifacelifted” to look like -70, lot of fiberglass, …

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40 Responses

  1. Hamza Khaliq

    Who said American Muscles can't drift?

  2. SlangenRacing

    WAY cooler car, smoke, and sound than all the other shitricers out there!!!!!!

  3. Knivesandstuff4

    what exhaust is this thing running

  4. Радослав Ненчовски

    This video makes me miss Level R even more than I have ever missed it.
    Two of the things I love the most are on this video – American muscle and drift. Level R was the third thing I loved the most cuz it was an opportunity for a person without a driving license to have some drift, even though it was just virtual.

  5. The Naked Argonian

    Sounds a tad bassy for an LS3. Unless the sharper sound of the Corvette comes from the specific exhaust manifold.

  6. Alex Salinas

    AMERICAN BAD4SS name song please, is Airbourne but the song ._.

  7. Herpn Derpn

    My friend I believe you may have discover the happy medium between music and engine noise. To you I tip my hat.

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    Thanks for choosing Pacesetter

  9. JIP83

    jätkä vetää hyvin mutta on rikos ajaa camrolla noin 🙂
    mutta vejä vaan vaijeri tiukalla jatkossakin!!

  10. coolmrtfoo

    thanks @mantaAR6 your an inspiration haha… one day ill compete against you in my 81 z28!

  11. MantaAR6

    Benefit, stiffer springs, i don´t remember now exact spring ratios but let´s say that then i had stiff leafsprings that were 50kg/cm, and springs on coilovers 50kg/cm also, so totally 100kg/cm. Now when i have 4-link setup, i am using 97kg/cm springs on coil-overs.

  12. coolmrtfoo

    @mantaAR6 just to be clear you were running leafsprings with coilovers in place of your shocks? if so what benefits does that have over just really stiff shocks and leafsprings

  13. coolmrtfoo

    Wow leafs!!! I give u hardcore props. @mantaAR6 im planning my 81 z28 to be a auto-x road coarse and drift monster. Vh45de swap 🙂

  14. MantaAR6

    In this film still leafsprings, and coil-overs with additional springs.

    But if you look newer 2012 promovid, then 4-link, panhard bar and coil-overs, and rack&pinion steering and turning front wheels.

  15. coolmrtfoo

    @mantaAR6 i would like to know what suspension set up you are running in the rear. 4 link im guessing?

  16. Broken Driveshaft Garage

    Thats how we do work in America!

  17. MantaAR6

    Stock fenders in rear, look at my projest thread from driftworks, search "driftworks drift camaro z28", should pop up first at google

  18. J Mj

    i have a 1970 camaro split bumper in my garage…
    has fender flares integrated into the body in the back.
    any pointers on adjusting steering angle in the front?
    search supersjg20002000 channel thats my friends had a video of my 70 on it.

  19. MantaAR6

    Not that lot, rearend conversion and rearwindow frames took couple days of labour. Project threads on LS1Tech, driftworks and nastyz28 if want to see pic…

  20. Martin steenbeeke

    Seems like a lot of effort to make it look like an Early 70's camaro…

  21. sd455judge

    Man you drive this Camaro like nobody i ever seen !!! Thanks for this Video !!

  22. MantaAR6

    No it´s not, 78 z28. Just changed 1970 fiberglass front end to it, changed rear panel and back of rear quarters and made new rear window frames. So 78, right 😉