MINI ALL4 Racing Dakar car: off-road rally monster eats snow and ice in Lapland

Developed by MINI’s rally division X RAID specifically to win the Dakar (which it did every year from 2012 to 2015) the MINI ALL4 Racing is one of the most …

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10 Responses

  1. Drew Flanagan

    Do want! Bowler should put out a road legal version

  2. Grant Culham

    Did the lap belt not fit? Why's he only wearing the shoulders & sub straps of the 6-point harness?

  3. Derek Finnegan

    Torn. I can't watch Steve Sutcliffe videos. But, I love the MINI brand.

    Solution, watch with the sound off.

  4. Andrew Denley

    Rally car looks nothing like the road going version and probably has no matching running gear. Yawn.

  5. Dan Dragoi

    I don't get it. The engine from the BMW M50d is still a 3 litre diesel, but has 381hp and about the same torque figure. Why didn't they tune that one for the Mini rally car?

  6. Prince Amoako Dadey

    +Auto Express, @Steve gotta up your counting game, you always start a car in first so when you pull the shifter you get to second gear….hahahaha keep up the great work!

  7. Arttu Perälä

    Was the indicator stalk stolen from an old Mercedes-Benz? Because it looks like a W124 era indicator/wiper/high beam combination stalk.

  8. Adam Smith

    which country is notorious for not letting u past? Go on, tell all — Italian?