Mobile iOS Car X Drift Racing UPDATE – CLUTCH PEDAL + S14 Build !!

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22 Responses

  1. MrDudeManiac 0306

    Use the tilt steering, that's what I do and it works pretty well.

  2. Dwayne Moore

    steer with your phone so you'll have free fingers

  3. Joe Joseph

    the down shift could be swapped with upshift

  4. The_Haters 205

    Slap, there's a game like car X Drift Racing called Drift Legends. It's really neat.

  5. Андрей Двойнишников

    Russian car
    Vaz 2107

  6. iLogiic Edits

    Slap I just love you no homo eh 😉

  7. GoldedTV

    watch some popcy12 and become a pro at this game

  8. Dylan Do Vlog

    The next update y should add that the driver shifting because if u go into cockpit view u don't see ur driver shifting every time u shift into another gear.

  9. Zeke B

    loved this update, and really hoping to see gta five M again!

  10. Lachie O'Neill

    Oi slap if you b-day is on the 22 thats the same day as my birthday and pro all of my friends whatcha you and follow you on instargram

  11. Lewis Sterling

    The first car looks like a Datsun 510