Mobile iOS – CarX Drift Racing – DOPEST Mobile Drifting GAME! + Full Car List

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30 Responses

  1. omeg michaels

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  2. Maria Teresa Rosauro

    i miss these R34 with the offset not so tuck in and little that what affect me on carx i never used it too much

  3. Zilantic - CS:GO and More

    Money is easy to get, use skyline with drift setup, save up for the 370z as ingame the Piranha (i think its called that) than from there Spectre RS, takes only 2 days total if u play for 2 hours a day

  4. TheBoltMaster

    you should make the skyline r34 black with purple tinted windows and blue inner rims and pink outer rims with pink tire smoke with a drift setup just like mine!

  5. Brian Olszyk “TheAmazingLatias” LatiasGaming

    Later im going to tell my mom to buy the app and then I will play enough to get the AE86 and enough coins to paint i white because I'm a initial d fan

  6. EimantasLTU Gaming

    what i do ? on my iphone carx drift racing lagging ;(