Monster Energy: Kris Foster #LimeLight

Located in the semi desert hills of the Okanagan region, Kris Foster brings new elements into the free ride game, making him arguable one of the best free riders …

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27 Responses

  1. name less

    That was a pretty good edit. The huge gap at the end was really sick tho!

  2. Jez

    Does the guy behind the camera have a history of filming snowboard vids?

  3. skojo3e

    What's the song?? "Your dead to me" hahahaha that's awesome

  4. Shea Ryan

    Are they pilot-ing that plane in the beginning? ??

  5. Frez Productions

    Dang this one goes straight to my favourite list!! Awesome video. Man, when i watched it, i felt i was watching the old Fox Terrafirma movies but in a new design. Good music and even a YZ250 2-stroke too. Good vid guys!

  6. Tony Teichroeb

    I noticed he grabs his clutch in the air. Is this a new thing for jumping 4 strokes?

  7. john b

    that's the best in your face riding i've seen in a while ……….awsome……..kris foster kills it!!!!!!!!!!

  8. brettmjones

    I love riding this area it sucks how most of it has been closed in the last couple years