Montalegre RX Live Show: RD1 – 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship

LIVE: Montalegre RX, Round 1 of the 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy. ***SOME TERRITORIES BLOCKED DUE TO …

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35 Responses

  1. Sean Zhu

    Holy cow 60 mph under 2 sec, and faster than F1, that's amazing.

  2. Alex Abundis

    I've been waiting for the live broadcast and it says it's not available in my country had my mind set on watching this morning and can't even enjoy my weekend disappointed with this CRAP!

  3. lakai2305

    That overtake by Liam Doran out of Joker!! Wow this guy got balls made of steel 😀 great channel love it!

  4. eXozGaming

    They are pretty much racing each other, they all start at the same time, so who ever has the faster time comes across the line faster

  5. EVZebra

    Its great, it looks awesome, but it would be much more interesting and relevant if they all had to be cars that you can actually buy off a dealers showroom floor, then we would all know which cars to buy.

    The modification of the cars makes it irrelevant to the next car buyer because none of these cars are what you can actually buy any where.

    Why show us some thing that we cannot actually purchase.

    So its nice and its entertaining, but of no real use to the car buyers, I mean after 500 hours of modification the car certainly isnt what it was, so buying the name is a complete waste of time.

    Race what you sell, so the public can make good decisions based on a honest engineering performance.
    There is nothing for an experienced car buyer to learn here, absolutely nothing, because there is nothing on the body shell that was on the original body shell – lol.

  6. August Curtis

    That background music tho. Anyone know the artist/song names? any of them! thanks!

  7. Joshua White

    These are fantastic races! Full of action. I love the fact that I can finally watch full events and not just highlights. Thank you for the video.

  8. Jack Wildhirt

    Hansen is an absolute ***** **. Why would he try that into turn 1? Ekstrom probably could have won!

  9. Paganiproductions

    Lots of Racers of the old Erc rallycross championship

  10. Erik Raab

    Tolle Berichterstattung und komplett frei! Hintergrundberichte, Bilder aus dem Fahrerlager und Interviews mit den Fahrern, einfach klasse! Da ich selbst Motorsportler bin, kann ich RX nicht live verfolgen. Umso mehr hat mich der Bericht erfreut. Weiter so!

  11. WestCoastFishing

    Thank you for posting!!! One of the coolest motorsports in the world

  12. SkunkWorksGT

    Thank you RX !!! Free, super fun, rally champions everywhere, awesome cars, very strong teams, high level competition… Congrats RX ! Great job ! Keep it up!!

  13. ZeeshanJavedGGZ

    This is fantastic! Thanks for making the sport more easily available. I really hope this keeps up for the entirety of the season!

  14. SCoT7

    these races are so much fun to watch!! Cheers 🙂

  15. dsiOne

    Your encoding or something is really messed up, great racing but terrible quality video.

  16. BrokenLaw

    THANKS for this! Super hard to follow here from south america! Cheers! Best Series ever

  17. JDMSG

    That was a dirty dirty merge from Petter. He must be nervous with the competition to be pulling moves like that to aid in his winning run. Hansen was marshal robbed of a win for less.

  18. Varski The Chief

    I hope this continues! Awesome live event full of epic action.

  19. Kubata Oln

    thank you, its free , its live and full of action.

  20. Сергей Богатырёв

    Давай, Тимурчик!!!!!!!!!

  21. MyFreedee

    Awesome live viewing! Thank you Thank you Thanks!