Most Excited Motocross Kid Ever

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23 Responses

  1. Tao rabanowitz

    Dude the guy should take a chill pill cause its just a race that he probably doesn't even win

  2. ibanezrg470

    Gianluca Facchetti,and he's riding for KTM now.

  3. Gagarin Gagarinovič

    at least we know he is not atheist :DDD

  4. Asher Gillen

    the kid to his right is like "boi"

  5. Grass_Concept

    Jesus crist how many times is he gonna pray? lol , and I love how everyone is talking photos and videos of him 😂

  6. Jeremiah Morris

    I think that is the crack head kid in a motocross uniform!😂

  7. hans wurstbude

    Bereits gestörter als die Erwachsenen, die so etwas veranstalten!

  8. Марк Гуляницкий

    Дух в бою первичен, это верно!
    Старт похоже выиграл, красавЕц!

  9. Billy Celli

    His little hyper ass took the holeshot too Lmao. I can see whe he trys and pump his self up. Its scary sitting there waiting. Once your adrenaline gets going its easier.

  10. Alen Begic

    And then as he want's to start he runs out of gas haha 😂

  11. DeterminationOvercomesTalent

    Too much something…

  12. Ronald Torres

    Anti-doping nesse gurí… o muleque tá louco!  kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  13. Fladimyr Santos

    Red bull porra nenhuma, ele cherou foi 1 kg de cocaína 

  14. NickoSupra

    Rockstar Energy Drink, obviously!

    And, did he take holeshot?! 😀