Moto gp Suzuka 1993 Schwantz, Doohan, Rainey, Beattie, Itoh 500 c c Motociclismo

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24 Responses

  1. Kfre79 Pstf

    Increible carrera. Kins temps… ara no te gens d'emocio motogp.

  2. Sharkdon_292 Sharkdon_292

    Rainey,schwantz and doohan the legend champions riders in the world 🌍

  3. Dallas Alexander

    That gave me a fricken hard-on. Thank you… that was great, seen all these moves before but never all together in one session.

  4. André

    Realmente. Eram os anos dourados da motovelocidade, com o Wayne Rainey sendo o Ayrton Senna das duas rodas. Fantástico!

  5. Ferhat Kiran

    schwantz çok iyidir. fakat düzlüklerde motoru onu çok engellemiştir.

  6. Máté Ágoston

    So interesting how motorcycle racing is always more amazing than car racing. (more overtakes, more fights, much closer finishes)

  7. Taillandier Jp

    avé césar, les motos sont folles comme les chevaux sont oredre

  8. Justin Daley

    Rainey, Schwantz and Doohan would have been outstanding in any era.

  9. Pablo Navas

    For those anti-Doohan. 6 months before he was about to lose one leg because of an injury.

  10. gixer turbo

    Schwantz all the way. Since '92 i've only owned GSX-R's, all have had #34 painted on them somewhere. current one is a K3, (old but not really) with 1098 big bore kit, lightened crank and pistons, juicy cams, polished ports valves etc, and a nice turbo package, dyno'd at 224bhp on max boost. the police hate me.

  11. Gilberto Pezzotti

    Raney race that, at the first corner was in the 11 position, not seen comebacks like that.