Moto vs. Drift car vs. Rally car vs. Road car vs. Stunt bike vs. Kart

Arena Motor Show 2014, Kaunas, Lithuania. Photos and more: …

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28 Responses

  1. OniKitsune

    I clicked on this thinking it was rc car race. This was better. Also, where's the Subaru?

  2. OreoThePanda

    When the fkin rally drivers drift more than the damn drifter…
    Sad bruh.

  3. fahmi perwira

    this teaches us that not all FF cars are understeering badly

  4. DrInsane76

    Why all the drifting? You loose a lot of traction and time with it.

  5. Marquelspeedy

    I hope everyone watching this video understands that this video is NOT factual.

  6. StarsWithScars

    was für nen beschissener belag für so ne show…

  7. ApexTallyFox

    The goddamned Evo X is quicker than that road car?! In that tight circuit!? Damn man….. I should've bought the car last year!!

  8. Cactus Anal

    how do they get scored by best time , drift points or coolest looking run or what>?

  9. TheNotervist

    That moment when rally car drifts better than drift car…

  10. Z3NVO -a.k.a Knollekop28

    Shit surface… No grip at all major advantage for the Leon

  11. Triple259772

    If the road car was able to beat all those cars, then maybe they shouldn't be drifting.

  12. Christopher Moltisanti

    tamoni kita kart pakvieskit parodys laika su sm