Motocross Bike On Mountain Top – GoPro HD

First person View of Motocross bike on top of a mountain. [HD] version …

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43 Responses

  1. ShiftQuick

    I'm down for this kind of riding. All I'm missing is a motocross bike and a helicopter with pilot to take me up there.

  2. Maikel Campos

    believed to operate at the edges of the mountains is to only gta v Xd

  3. Cole Cadieux

    Only 2 sports on the planet that require two balls ^ (this) and bull riding. period.

  4. Mohammad Siddiqui

    His massive balls are probably keeping him balanced

  5. Alex Barry

    That's pretty fuckin extreme…..I'd probably shit myself :-|

  6. motoCrossRider211

    snow, motocross, and steep hills… DONT MIX WELL lol

  7. Jack Murison

    the bike sounds so lazy at them hieghts! kudos man some balls!!

  8. Mrpropulsion

    i realize now i should have filmed my last trip to the store on my 1986 honda mt5

  9. Austin Dorer

    Hmm. Ya lets ride this sketch ass lil trail at the top of a mountain…with snow on it

  10. Sam Greig

    i can do that in my sleep

    just not when im awake =)

  11. Apostolos Mantzouranis

    Holy shit!!!!
    Why it has only 59k views???
    Damn that thing is epic