Motocross Biker Attempts The Most Insane Jump Ever

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49 Responses

  1. Joemammasdaddy

    not many video make sweat. have aderline rush just from watching

  2. Truth Reigns Forever

    Blah, blah, anyone actually interested in the distance of this feat?

  3. David Murphy

    I can imagine this is pretty vanilla in the Motocross community.

  4. ZanKronKa

    Whoever edited this should jump off a cliff.

  5. Brian Chapman

    Seth Enslow made that look too easy!!

  6. Stephen Yount

    E P I C !!!
    would be an understatement……

  7. Sergio Leanos

    insane crazy dope badass all tht shit ✊

  8. Django 'Dangermouse' Tango

    Balls of Steel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👊🏼

  9. blitzrule

    are you freaking kidding, this kid's got balls

  10. Levi S

    that's crazy how long was the jump a mile maybe 2 that's crazy wooooooo

  11. M@verick

    did the chap put his motorcycle in neutral or in the highest gear the moment he landed? just asking.

  12. Rick Cratty

    I bet that crazy SOB would figure out a way to jump UP that thing! Wow.

  13. Anonymous Guy

    Balls so large they generate their own gravitational field.

  14. Royal Fritz

    dope but he rite yo balls should be crashed

  15. fhhfgj

    he would have flown further but he had 32 pounds of brass balls bringing him down unbelievable amazing!

  16. Web Developer

    Who held there breath the whole time?


    Fair play if the jump is real.
    Hang whoever edited the film.Dislike from me.

  18. Manioke Eua

    he landed perfectly because his balls was weighed before the jump

  19. 1jzsuprapwr

    Congratulations on a great successful jump , I dam near felt like it was me doing the jump n yelled woooh hoooo haha. Goodluck.

  20. Your Howhigh

    now lets see someone do this with a bicycle

  21. Proletarian

    I was literally on the edge of my seat! Bravo!

  22. Joshua Nelson

    Title correction: Motocross Biker Sticks Landing off of an Olympic Ski Jump

  23. Ben Breeg

    Excellent rider, great jumping bike too, but I ride dirt bikes, I could not pull that off.

  24. Chuck Barlow

    psychopaths win so many Darwin awards!