Motocross Bikes in the Creek

Seth and I riding around in the backyard trails. Instagram: @derekhallman Bikes: 2014 RMZ250 2005 YZ250F.

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27 Responses

  1. Matt Crichton

    This is my favorite motovlog, love riding in the woods. BTW does anyone know where this is? Wish I could ride out of my garage into the woods like this

  2. GlovesR_awesome 21

    Is that an RM-Z 250? If so, does it trail ride pretty good? Looks like it does.

  3. TheDevilHimself

    I need to get me a dirtbike again. My 250 raptor quad just isnt the same as my RM 80 dirtbike :/

  4. El angel Bello

    Hello , I like your content, I subscribe

    a question…

    I want to buy a motorcycle but which is not convenient , can you tell me which one is right for me, I measure 1.78 and weight 61 kg , hope and answer me , greetings from mexico

    PS: a motorcycle driving, but I want a bike that is not neither low nor high , good if a little high xD

  5. TripleX XGamingReptile

    You have an awesome track dude 🙂 👍🏻

  6. 2012Hondacr_ cr250

    Wish I had Trails in my backyard live in the desert would be so nice

  7. MotoJake95

    Hey where do you live? Looks awesome, and pretty similar to where I'm at in CT

  8. Russell Kitner

    whered you mount your camera? looks like a chin mount, im interested cuz your voice is so clear

  9. PlanetMason 04

    Dude your bike is my dream bike. Have fun on it and I would like to see some wheelies😀😀😀😀

  10. Kaptain Keith

    hey Derek. loving these video… one question, where do you have the gopro mounted ?????

  11. stuart bell

    This video made me just spend $9000 of my inheritance money on a new dirtbike kx 250f

  12. Goecke

    Nice video, I want to capture my videos at so awesome places🔝