Motocross Enduro Funny FAILS CRASH Compilation 2016

Motocross enduro Demotivation epic scary video…… I did not film this video i only edited for entertainment.

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46 Responses

  1. DimexWheelierTeam

    this is not funny crashs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KadenTheBeast Gymnasts

    4:38 there's a saying if you can start it you can ride it but obviously he can't ride it!😂

  3. BringDownTheirPride

    cant stop watching dude on yellow bike at 4:30.    " Ohhhh !!!  "

  4. Jesse Jarvis

    Some of these people are just fucking dumbasses😂😂😂


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  6. punishmentforall

    The guy @ 2:02 was trying to get rid of his bike?? LOL There should be a group called FDLFRM – Friends Don't Let Friend Ride Motocross. Some of these guys should not get anywhere near a bike.

  7. ahmad irsyad


  8. Crazy_Rider

    go watch my video, it's interesting and funny)

  9. podagee4life

    I lost it at 9:00 that 1 kid won whole shot and the race for that day hahahaha

  10. Facundo Romero

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  11. A.R.T. Enduro & Trial

    Nice video, if you want to Watch enduro video come to my Channel and if you want subscribe yourself

  12. MarionMoto

    people are so dumb when it comes to the throttle, learn throttle control you dumbass or better uet don't ride a dirtbike since your ass can't handle it apparently.

  13. miffoBeast

    I go from jhonny walker to this. What is wrong with youtube???

  14. Klaani K

    Bad clutch and gas control+ bad body position + new riders + just some "bike life" assholes= this video