Motocross Girly Edition – MX Girls

A mix of Meghan Rutledge, Ami Houde, Ashley Fiolek. Hope you like the mx montage! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Instagram @justlovemybike.

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12 Responses

  1. MadeINSpace

    this video is such a rip LOL cant believe you posted this when u did shit to this video @amihoude

  2. mxchels '

    I've always wanted to do Motocross but i don't have money ugh -,-

  3. Nicolee Wallie

    I wanna start motocross even though I'm a girl 🤔🙄

  4. Ranga productions

    This edit is shit you stole videos off ami houde and 100%

  5. Morgan Pike

    I'm getting a bike soon and hopefully going to start MX with my friend.. but I don't know if I need a 150 or a 230 lol bc I'm almost too big for a 159 but idk if I'll be able to handle a 230. I'm 5'5" and 132 pounds so could y'all help me out, thanks!

  6. Maria Andrea Manoop

    I want to be a motocross rider but I don't have money. dafuq

  7. Jelia Anne Bocon

    i love you girls .all of you is my inspiration. . i love to ride a dirt bike like you.

  8. CooperOne3Five

    being a mx girl myself, i think this is amazing!good job