motocross in Extreme rain MUST SEE…

today at the res track in axel within 30 minutes 12mm of rain fell out of the sky…

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21 Responses

  1. Steve Ringer

    Why do people put the gayest music on the planet to these vids?

  2. moto guy

    what year is the bike cause i thought they stopped making them. and what plastics did you get cause they look mint and what upgrade have you done like levers and tripple clamps ect.

  3. Jakob Velez

    Dude I live in socal, and I HATE how it's always sunny, I love riding in the rain

  4. roversberg

    maybey,that's why we have the best championship? it's so much fun man in the rain..

  5. roversberg

    @Jampage1 you shouls ask rpracing here on's his bike…

  6. Jampage1

    How hard was it to put those 2010+ plastics on the cr250 frame? It looks beautiful man!!

  7. Chad Warren

    britney spears music on a motocross video doesnt match at all, get a hint.

  8. Katje G.

    zo veel regen heeft dan weer zijn voordeel. Je hoeft motor niet meer schoon te maken, het spoelt er van zelf wel af hahahaha