Motocross REV LIMITER Compilation 2 (Wins + Panic Rev+2t)

I love rev Limiters. I will try to make videos longer and better! If you want to follow me on Facebook:

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42 Responses

  1. akelah runas

    I wish I could buy dirt bike for may brother who had a cancer but I have no money yet to buy he's dream bike the doctor said that he only have 1 year to leave his birthday is on June 14

  2. Aussie GoPro

    2 strokes… rev limit 😂😂😂😂😂 learn your shit first mate

  3. jake hanus

    nothing sounds better then a 2 stroke hitting the power band

  4. TrailRid3r

    ##### alert click bait no glowing exhaust #####

  5. motoxJack951

    WTF, how have I never seen this before!!! That's my video at 2:03!!! That's fucking awesome

  6. MATTMX42

    Just curious where is all the credits for ppl's clips u stole

  7. mike gamer

    In this video, we here all these badass 4 strokes and their rev limiter until the 2 strokes come by, they ruined the video.

  8. GAMERBOY1234

    Why did the guy in the last clip do that

  9. mlkm11

    Why did they take some of the bikes out side of an indoor event and rev the piss out of them in a parking lot

  10. Kody George

    tell me how on my YZ there's no throttle position sensor so how would it know it regulates the spark for more power and a rev limiter

  11. Kody George

    look for it it's a black computer on the bike that does it you can hear it go up in down like a rev limiter

  12. Shoorit

    Bam Bam. I knew it, as soon as I seen the title and without him this would be and incomplete compilation.

  13. MX DUDE13

    actually 2-strokes do have a rev limiter

  14. Ethan Collins

    Who cares about the 2 strokes not having limiters?! Honestly tho, does it matter. The majority of the bikes were 4 stroke, the video was still good. Lol, why you guys just go to public apps and sites, just to pick stupid fights and arguments.

  15. Ludvig Nordin

    2strokes dont have a rev limiter -.- 4stroke nerds that thinks a 2stroke have a revlim

  16. podagee4life

    personally I love 2 strokes but when it comes to rev limiting I love the 4 stroke

  17. Leroy Jenks

    who cares about Rev limiters whether or not they have them. they don't make a good rider better or worse. After all it's a poor musician who blames his instrument….😀

  18. Slick Bishop

    At 1:05 I don't think his dad ever taught him how to shift a bike or that it doesn't go faster in the air

  19. weston bryant

    Jokes, 2 strokes don't have rev limiters

  20. Kody George

    they do maybe old one's don't but my yz 125 does stick to your four stroke pussy trust me I forgot more than you know, the only two stroke I seen without was my 90 mph bass boat with a 2.5 Lt v6 Mercury outboard but every bike I had done to my old 06 kx65 all of them have rev limiters if it didn't a dumbass like you would blow it up

  21. Paulie Makowski

    Video says rev limiter compilation but there was mad 2 strokes in here, 2 strokes don't have limiters

  22. loke jarl

    did you know that in sweden your username is drugs

  23. Robert Plant

    Thumbnail picture isn't even in video. Complete clickbait.