MotoGP 17 Gameplay: Fighting Marquez for the Win!

MotoGP Gameplay Xbox One – Quick Race at Philip Island TWITTER – INSTAGRAM – …

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30 Responses

  1. Cam Steve

    "I now have Foxtel so I can watch every race" Channel Ten shows every race live

  2. Zelatur

    3:54 you cant do it in real life, you would crash instantly after touching dirt

  3. Alluttaja 321

    i was real pro in moto gp 14 but not anymore because my controller broke

  4. Jordan Sutton

    6.27 Ben : That guy hasn't found his feet
    Nah because you slide tackled them into Narnia

  5. Larry Gallagher

    For fuck sake that was so funny & congrats on getting turn one at last

  6. F1fan98

    If you press the right joystick down it should look back sharp

  7. Tommi Ivalo

    you can look behind without the camera spinning if you press down on the joystick however it can be a bit of a pain when racing

  8. Francesco Poggi

    we want this to keep challenging you!!!

  9. JohnnyUrie

    well i got wasted after the 6th gin shot!Couldn't watch the video afterwards!

  10. Carlos Gonzalez

    How you guys play this came you guys live outside the United States?

  11. Monae

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one horrible at this game. It was so frustrating, I took it back, now I think I'm going to gp buy it again and give it another try.

  12. Sempak Angelo

    you're very very bad dude. you can't play this game

  13. sasajungic89

    Drink every time I crash he said. Drinks are on me he said. Now I'm dying of alcohol poisoning

  14. Jordan Flores

    Hey Ben don´t forget F1 2006 Championship Edition please!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  15. Ricotellogaming

    Ben, there are braking markers on the ground left or ride side of the track depending on the direction of each individual corner, they are white strips, they're not numbered but are generally set to the same distances as formular one, Supercars and so on.
    150, 100, 50

    Initial braking is done with hard front braking and then trail braking with the rear brake as well engine braking, all depending on the corner, entry speeds etc.

    Once they turn in, they pretty much hold their line unless needing to quickly change for dives and things of that nature.

  16. Azumi

    "We're joining you live" uhh that doesn't sound right, you're the ones that are live not us, it's us who are joining you to watch a live broadcast therefore it should be "You join us live".

  17. Scott Barnes

    Oh dear oh dear as Murray Walker will say on Formula 1 95 or 97

  18. RyanRants

    Top tip: build up your speed slowly. A good exercise is to do a full lap without touching the brakes and try to hold the perfect line. Just lift and coast. Focus on tip-in points. The reason the look-back feature is kind of an oversight is because you're not supposed to look back on a bike. I'll probably be getting this game although I don't have a pad and I have a real track bike. Real life or game? Yeah I'll just stick to the actual track.