MotoGP 17 | Launch Trailer | PS4

All the riders, the motorbikes and the tracks from the 2017 season of the Official MotoGP™ Championship, with the addition of over 70 historical riders, the …

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9 Responses

  1. SchwarzieJSY

    Create an Isle Of Man TT game and I'll be interested.

    Also, "The future is in your wrist"?!??! 😩😩

  2. ChrisK

    It's still really bad. When You drive into one, you're not falling off, you just move them. That is just awful to play and to watch.

  3. EvtheNev

    Shame they don't still make the SBK games. They were always much more realistic compared to these MGP ones.

  4. Pauvlychenko

    Happy to see that new games are coming to the PS2!! YAY!!

  5. N.A.P Spaceman

    no comment just wait and grab it this game ! 😂

  6. TheHairyOnion

    First in racing and in the comments section